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Benefits of Digital Impressions

Benefits of Digital Impressions

It’s no secret, digital impressions are here to stay. While some dentists have already taken the plunge and purchased their own DI unit, countless others are still researching how digital impressions would impact their practice.

Here at Carroll Lab, we work with several different digital impression file types, including 3Shape/Trios, Sirona/Cerec, open-ended .stl files and iTero printed models. We have found that digital impressions allow for more precise margins, faster turnaround and a general ease of use.

Here are four common benefits of digital impressions:

1. The file is yours to keep.

Once the digital impression is taken, you have that file to go back to at any time. This provides patient history. It also means no more re-impressing.

2. Easier dentist-lab communication.

Digital impressions provide a lot of tools that aren’t necessarily available with traditional impressions. For example, the dentist and the laboratory can both look at the file at the same time and discuss, instead of sending models back and forth. Also, the dentist can mark the margin in the digital impression file if desired, before sending to the lab.

3. Faster turn-around.

No more waiting for a case to make it back to the lab for fabrication to begin. Once the file is sent, the lab can begin fabrication immediately.

4. No questionable impressions.

Most digital impression units have a guide built in to the software that ensures all necessary data is captured. It also makes the dentist’s review of the impression easier because the software allows for enhanced magnification.

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