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Formula for the Success of Your Dental Practice

Education + Technology + Partnering Lab = Success

With many material and technological changes in the field of dentistry, it can be hard to separate truly helpful information from marketing hype. Success of a dental practice relies on doing just that, but who has time?

This is where your partnership with your laboratory comes in. It is our job to synthesize the helpful information and pass this on to you. This allows you to spend more time treatment planning with your patients.

Seeing a new material or a new digital impression scanner at a trade show can only provide limited information. What a successful dentist actually needs is a thorough understanding of how that technology could benefit their individual practice. We are here to help with that as well. We can work with the various vendors to get you the one-on-one information you need to make informed decisions - not based on what was featured in a magazine, but what works for your practice.

We encourage you to ask your lab for this level of support. A great working relationship between laboratory and dental practice creates a synergy that leads to success.

If you ever have any questions about an implant system, a new impression system, or materials, please do not hesitate to contact us. Even if we're not your primary lab, we welcome the opportunity to learn and educate. That is what keeps the dental industry moving forward.

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