Next Generation of Alginate Material for Removables

Ivoclar Vivadent has just released a game-changing alginate impression system called AccuDent XD. This system is a game-changer because it can capture the detail of a poly-vinyl impression while maintaining tissue accuracy like an alginate.

To do this, the material uses a tray and syringe dual-phased system. The tray and syringe materials have different viscosities, but are chemically compatible to work together to create more accurate and detailed impressions.

The syringe gel can be placed into the peripheral border area to capture the detail of the dentition and surrounding gingiva.

The heavy-bodied tray gel forms a custom tray directly in the patient's mouth. Applied correctly, the "zeroflow" light-bodied syringe gel resists slumping, reducing the chance for a gag reflex from material sliding down the patient's throat.