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VIDEO: Tissue Management During Implant Healing

This is the first in a series of helpful videos that focus on topics we encounter in the lab that we would like to shed some light on.

The topic for this video is tissue management during implant healing.

One factor to consider during the healing phase of implant placement is adequate soft tissue contouring to accommodate final crown.

When a stock cylindrical healing abutment is used, the tissue grows over or against the healing cap. At crown placement, this causes inadequate space for the final restoration.

There are a few options available to prevent this issue at crown placement:

1. Purchase a flaring healing abutment compatible with the implant system. This will ensure that the tissue is adequately expanded to accommodate crown.

2. Use composite material to expand the diameter of the stock cylindrical healing abutment, providing enough room for final crown.

3. Be prepared to remove tissue around the abutment at the time of placement to allow proper crown seating.

If you have any feedback or questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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