August Scheduling Calendar Now Available

Our August due date calendar is now available and will be included with July statements. You can view the calendars on our site (here) or download a pdf. To read the calendar, find the day that our driver will pick up the case (or the day the lab will receive the case if you are mailing it in). Next, find the restoration you are requesting and beside it you will see the date it will be returned to your office (allow two extra days if we are returning the case by mail). Any questions or recommendations? Just comment below or e-mail us ( We would love to hear your feedback!

Benefits of Digital Impressions

It’s no secret, digital impressions are here to stay. While some dentists have already taken the plunge and purchased their own DI unit, countless others are still researching how digital impressions would impact their practice. Here at Carroll Lab, we work with several different digital impression file types, including 3Shape/Trios, Sirona/Cerec, open-ended .stl files and iTero printed models. We have found that digital impressions allow for more precise margins, faster turnaround and a general ease of use. Here are four common benefits of digital impressions: 1. The file is yours to keep. Once the digital impression is taken, you have that file to go back to at any time. This provides pat

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