Getting Your Patients to Say "Yes!" to Your Treatment Plan

Education seems to be the key to getting patients to say “yes” to treatment plans. According to the ADA, patients do not say “yes” to dental treatment plans because they lack the dental education to see the importance of the treatment. Many patients simply do not know enough to see the value in the treatment plan that you are presenting. That’s good news! That means you should see a significant increase in patients agreeing to your treatment plans just by EDUCATING them. An important distinction is to make sure you are selling a service, not a thing. Educate that patient on why you are recommending a crown and what not getting the crown could mean to that patient’s dental health. Show them b

March Due Date Calendars Available Now!

Our March due date calendars are now available and will be included with February statements. You can view the calendars on our site (here), or download a two-page pdf that features our fixed and removable calendars. To read the calendar, find the day that our driver will pick up the case (or the day the lab will receive the case if you are mailing it in). Next, find the restoration you are requesting and beside it you will see the date it will be returned to your office (allow two extra days if we are returning the case by mail). Any questions or recommendations? Just comment below or e-mail us ( We would love to hear your feedback!

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