Prevent These Common Dental Practice Mistakes

We recently stumbled upon a great article featured on called "Top Five Issues Facing Dental Practices Today," written by by Kenneth I. Metsky, CPA. The article reviews common mistakes that dental practices make and provides solutions to help you avoid making the same mistakes. Please review our infographic below for helpful solutions as featured in the article. You can also view this infographic and more resources in our Dentist Library on Pinterest!

Formula for the Success of Your Dental Practice

Education + Technology + Partnering Lab = Success With many material and technological changes in the field of dentistry, it can be hard to separate truly helpful information from marketing hype. Success of a dental practice relies on doing just that, but who has time? This is where your partnership with your laboratory comes in. It is our job to synthesize the helpful information and pass this on to you. This allows you to spend more time treatment planning with your patients. Seeing a new material or a new digital impression scanner at a trade show can only provide limited information. What a successful dentist actually needs is a thorough understanding of how that technology could benefit

Next Generation of Alginate Material for Removables

Ivoclar Vivadent has just released a game-changing alginate impression system called AccuDent XD. This system is a game-changer because it can capture the detail of a poly-vinyl impression while maintaining tissue accuracy like an alginate. To do this, the material uses a tray and syringe dual-phased system. The tray and syringe materials have different viscosities, but are chemically compatible to work together to create more accurate and detailed impressions. The syringe gel can be placed into the peripheral border area to capture the detail of the dentition and surrounding gingiva. The heavy-bodied tray gel forms a custom tray directly in the patient's mouth. Applied correctly, the "zerof

VIDEO: Tissue Management During Implant Healing

This is the first in a series of helpful videos that focus on topics we encounter in the lab that we would like to shed some light on. The topic for this video is tissue management during implant healing. One factor to consider during the healing phase of implant placement is adequate soft tissue contouring to accommodate final crown. When a stock cylindrical healing abutment is used, the tissue grows over or against the healing cap. At crown placement, this causes inadequate space for the final restoration. There are a few options available to prevent this issue at crown placement: 1. Purchase a flaring healing abutment compatible with the implant system. This will ensure that the tissue is

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